Social Insurance Diploma Program

First introduced by the Muhanna Foundation in Amman, Jordan in November 2006, The Social Insurance Diploma program was the first of its kind, training professionals to contribute to the development and sustainability of social protection tools in an evolving Arab World, thus meeting the growing regional demand for technical and scientific training in social protection and pension-related issues.
With more than 450 participants, sessions of SID have been hosted in various locations of the Arab world including Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman and UAE.
In 2013, SID has also expanded to include Tanzania and East African countries.
Build human capacity for institutions and businesses to contribute in designing, administering and reforming adequate and viable pillars of Social Protection systems.
The full edition of the Social Insurance Diploma Program consists of 4 intensive modules.
Module 1   Retirement Benefits Schemes and Issues
Module 2   Administration and IT
Module 3   Actuarial Perspective of Retirement Schemes
Module 4   Financing and Investment
Each module is held over a 4 day period and comprises lectures, discussions, and study cases.
We, at the Muhanna Foundation place a special emphasis on creating a personalized relationship with the participants that enable us to follow them through continuing education and knowledge.