Healthcare Administration & Financing


Healthcare Administration
Healthcare from an Actuarial Perspective


The Healthcare Administration & Financing (“HAF”) Diploma Program will be held over two weeks and will consist of two components:

 Healthcare Administration (first week) The first week will be dedicated to the concepts of healthcare systems organization, management and policy.

 Healthcare from an Actuarial Perspective (second week) The second week will address more technical subjects such as healthcare financing, data management and healthcare costing.

Our mission is to provide the participants with the knowledge, skills and techniques they need in healthcare administration & financing and to continue being active leaders in capacity building on both the national and regional levels.

The contents of the HAF diploma program focus on recent insights and research as well as on policy problems and solutions. The lecturers interact with the participants and engage in debates during actual case studies and discussions.

Language: Arabic or English

Fees: USD 1,200 per person

Including: 30 hours of training divided over 5 days, Certificate of attendance from The Muhanna Foundation, Training material, books and case studies, Coffee breaks and lunch, The use of training facilities and support services

Excluding: International air travel, Airport transfers board and Hotel accommodation.

Program Details

Module A aims at introducing the participant to national healthcare systems and private health insurance organization management and policy. This module will explain the mechanics behind the different healthcare systems’ design and examine the theory, practice of policy and decision making in healthcare.

It will also discuss the role and day-to-day work carried out by institutions involved in healthcare (i.e. Government agencies, insurance companies and third party administrators, hospitals) from an administrative and technical point of view, particularly focusing on problems facing national healthcare schemes in the Arab World. Key issues covered by this module include Design of National Healthcare systems, Public health management and policy, Social health insurance, Private health insurance, Underwriting and Risk management, Hospital management, the role of the third party administrator, Health information coding systems, Provider Payment Methods and Billing Systems.

Module B aims at introducing the participant to healthcare benefits and schemes from the more technical point of view through workshops and case studies. This module presents the main methods of financing healthcare, pricing and reserving for health insurance, data management and the actuarial valuation of healthcare benefits. Key issues covered by this module include Methods of financing healthcare, Pre-funding for post-retirement healthcare, the actuarial valuation – assumptions & methodology, Pricing and reserving health insurance plans, Health data collection and management, National health accounts, the role of the actuary in healthcare.

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