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The ISSA Academy diploma programme offers high-level training on the ISSA Guidelines for social security professionals. The training courses combine on-line assignments and training for groups of participants on a specific set of ISSA Guidelines. In coordination with the ISSA Secretariat, The Muhanna Foundation provides customized training on the ISSA Guidelines in Arabic exclusively to ISSA Member organizations.

The ISSA Academy diploma programme aims to enable ISSA members to gain a holistic understanding of the ISSA Guidelines and use these standards to benchmark their journey to excellence.

  • 35 hours of training divided over 5 days
  • Training material and case studies
  • Videos and Q&A sessions
  • The use of training facilities and support services

Program Details

This course will allow participants to expand their knowledge and abilities by focusing on ISSA Guidelines on Investment of Social Security Funds, providing an overview of:

(1) investment governance principles,

(2) investment governance structures,

(3) common processes

(4) processes specific to internal and external investment management.

This course offers practical guidance, in nine strategic areas:

  1. social security administration
  2. strategic planning;
  3. operational risk management;
  4. internal operations audit;
  5. actuarial soundness;
  6. enforcing the “prudent person” principle in investment management; prevention and control of corruption and fraud;
  7. service standards for members and beneficiaries;
  8. human resource policies;
  9. investments in information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure.

The course will enable participants to improve their skills to integrate the element of quality into planning, delivery and improvement of the different social security services, and to develop a better understanding of iterative cycles and continuous improvement of operational processes.

This courses main aim will be to impart the skills required to find concrete social security system solutions through the use of ICT, focusing in two main areas:

(1) governance and management

(2) key technologies.

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