In its commitment to education, the Muhanna Foundation publishes robust academic studies on a variety of social and economic topics that serve as starting points for broader policy discussions. In its endeavor to make knowledge accessible, the Foundation has expanded its electronic library and is continuously developing the scope of programs given to students. Our team publishes original research on a topic related to actuarial science, social protection, municipal administration, and other issues related to the public good.

Research Reports & Projects

Through our commitment to developing and publishing first-class research, we are delighted to share that the Muhanna Foundation funded the work of the recent policy note: “Funeral Leave: Affecting Productivity, published by i.e Muhanna & co. The paper aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the impact of funeral and bereavement leave policies on workplace productivity.

Authored by Chairman, Board of Trustees, Mr. Ibrahim Muhanna

Through our commitment to developing and publishing first-class research, we are delighted to share that the Muhanna Foundation funded the work of the recent policy note: “COVID-19: Emerging Trends, published by i.e Muhanna & co. The paper aims to contribute to policy discussions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, by providing a framework to analyze the impact of this crisis through a social protection lens.

Please visit i.e Muhanna & co’s website by clicking here to use the interactive analytics tool as a companion to the report.

Report on Social Security Survey for ECASSA Social Security Schemes

Published on December 2018

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White Paper: Wasteless Lebanon

Published on December 2015

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Waffir: Lebanon's 1st Energy Saving APP

Published & Developed 2013-2014

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The Municipal Observatory 2013

Published on January 2013

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Report on Economic & Social Impact of Minimum Wages

Published on September 2011

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Assessment of Private Universities in Lebanon

Published on November 2010

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Collaborative Research Projects

In 2012 the World Bank in Lebanon financed a credit rating worthiness project of 5 municipalities and one union. The project was conducted by our sister company i.e. Muhanna & co (who is a Sub Prime to this project). More details on the methodology used and results of the assessments of the project could be found on . During this project, the rating team has identified serious shortcoming in municipal education among staffs in most municipalities. Although, the project was limited to 5 municipalities and 1 union, we have conducted analysis of 240 municipalities in order to understand the municipal sector properly and to develop the appropriate benchmarking in for each region of Lebanon and per the different six size groups of municipalities.  After much deliberation with the ministry of interior it was decided in 2013 that the Muhanna Foundation develops the current Municipal Administration and Finance Diploma and to offer it jointly with Lebanese American University.

The Foundation was requested by the European Union to Submit a report on Urban Sustainable Development Strategies in the Mediterranean, framed under MedCities, a network of Mediterranean coastal cities created in Barcelona in November 1991 in order to bring together Mediterranean towns and cities belonging to different countries and promote urban sustainable development as a way to improve living conditions in the region. The objective of the USUDS project is to promote sustainable development and social cohesion in Mediterranean Cities by using urban sustainable development strategies. And this project aims to promote a network for cities interested in building and implementing urban sustainable development strategies in addition to developing three strategies in the cities of Sousse (Tunisia), Larnaca (Cyprus) and Saida (Lebanon).

The Foundation & UNHABITAT analyzed the row results of  the Municipal Observatory (MO) which is a tool that aims at evaluating the performance of the Lebanese municipalities through four different aspects:

  • Administration & Management;
  • Financial Resources;
  • Governance; and
  • Municipal Development & Services

The questionnaire contains a total of 84 questions distributed across 6 sections. Those questionnaires were filled by the “Municipal Guides”, a group of municipal employees established within the context of the UN-Habitat Decentralization Project implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MoIM). The report could be downloaded free from the foundation site

Subsequently, the Foundation financed a new and more sophisticated survey and awaits the MoIM to circulate. It will publish the updated results thereafter.

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