Celebrating 10 Years of MAFD!!!

Under the auspices and presence of H.E. the Minister of Interior & Municipalities Judge Basam Mawlawi, we celebrated the 10th-year anniversary and graduation of our long-standing “Municipal Administration & Finance Diploma” (MAFD) program with Lebanese American University.

The program consisted of 41 graduates this year, in addition to some of our alumni, which total over 500 graduates over the past ten years. The event was attended by several ministers, members of parliament, representatives from the head of the army and security branches, governors, district commissioners, mayors, and municipal union leaders, as well as the families of the graduates.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the professors and stakeholders for their hard work.

Click on the below links to read the newspapers and magazines who have covered the event:


https://aliwaa.com.lb/paper-copy/50/496426/ (page 5)

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الوكالة الوطنية للإعلام – مؤسسة مهنا واللبنانية الاميركية احتفلتا بتخريج الدفعة العاشرة من طلاب ادارة ومالية البلديات مولوي: البلديات من اهم مظاهر اللامركزية والحلقة الرسمية الاقرب الى المواطن (nna-leb.gov.lb)