On The Ground Trainings

On the Ground Training


Municipal Education
Actuarial Education
Social Insurance Education


For the past twenty three years, the Muhanna Foundation has been providing:

        • Tailored training’s (pertaining to the municipal, social insurance, and actuarial world):  The Foundation provides tailored training’s to variety of capacity levels. Mainly in organizations pertaining to the municipal , social insurance, and actuarial world.
        • Quality Assurance: In line with the Foundation’s commitment to providing quality education and capacity building programs; the Foundation is fully engaged to provide the highest quality of training programs, the mobilization of the best available trainers and coaches and the provision of modern participatory adult learning experiences.

Moreover, the Foundation  has a long track record of providing services to UN Habitat, the World Bank, private sector institutions, academic institutions and other UN organizations.

Strengthening Our Region’s Economies & Institutions Through Research, Education, & Capacity Building.