Our Virtual Library

For the past two decades, the Foundation has organized world-class conferences which cover a variety of subjects pertaining to the fields of actuarial science, social security, pension funds, and many more. Moreover, the events are organized under the auspices and presence of presidents, prime ministers and ministers. In 2021, we are honored to launch the Muhanna Foundation’s Virtual Library Tool with videos of the seminars dating back to 1996. The tool offers a filtered feature which categorizes the events according to speaker, subject, year, keyword, and country with their delegated links on the left. 

In order to fully utilize the tool, users may hold ctrl or cmd on their keyboards for multiple selections. They can also filter the year, country, and subjects by ascending or descending order by clicking on the arrows under the titles. After making a selection, users can find the link of the seminars on their left under “Click on link”.  Futhermore, users can open in full – screen mode by clicking on the two sided arrow on the lower right. For additional information about the tool, please contact us on info@muhanna.org.

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