Actuarial Practicing Diploma


Module 1: Reserving for General Insurance Under IFRS 17
Module 2: Pricing & Mathematical Reserving
Module 3: Pricing of General Insurance Contracts


The Actuarial Practicing Diploma (APD) is designed to fully equip professionals, enhancing their understanding of actuarial techniques and enabling proficient application of actuarial tools in their respective fields. Furthermore, APD transforms participants into proficient Actuarial Analysts, with a curriculum tailored to the highest standards.

APD is comprised of 135 hours and is conducted twice a week, lasting 6 hours on a weekly basis, structured over a comprehensive 5 -month duration. Moreover, participants can expect engaging training sessions that include case studies, breakout rooms, and group work. Weekly assignments will be assigned, and each module will conclude with an exam, ensuring a thorough understanding and practical application of the course material.

Students will be eligible for the Actuarial Diploma if 3 modules are successfully passed.

APD offers coverage of some of the SOA & IFoA exams within its modules. To gain a detailed understanding of the specific areas covered please contact us, our team will provide you with the necessary information and insights into the curriculum to support your inquiries effectively.


The Diploma is primarily intended for individuals with a background in mathematics, statistics, finance or economics. A prior knowledge of statistics, economics or finance is not required for this course but would increase the opportunity of benefiting from this program.


3000 USD per participant, it includes: 135 hours of training, Training material, books and case studies, and the Actuarial Practicing Diploma Certification from the Muhanna Foundation.


Contact Ms. May Mounzer at The Muhanna Foundation:

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