Customized Training for The Public Authority For Social Insurance Organization (PASI)

The Muhanna Foundation in association with the International Social Security Association (ISSA) deliver a 35 hour customized training program on “ISSA Guidelines on Good Governance” exclusively in Arabic to Twenty – five participants for the Public Authority for Social Insurance organization in Muscat Oman.

The ISSA Academy diploma programme offers high-level training on the ISSA Guidelines for social security professionals. The training courses combine on-line assignments and on-site training for groups of participants on a specific set of ISSA Guidelines. Our Aim is to provide training courses on the ISSA Guidelines exclusively for the Arabic-speaking members of the ISSA.

During our session we addressed strategic areas in Social Security administration:

  • Strategic planning
  • Operational risk management
  • Internal operations audit
  • Actuarial soundness
  • Enforcing the “prudent person” principle in investment management
  • Prevention and control of corruption and fraud service standards for members and beneficiaries
  • Human resource policies
  • Investments in information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure

We would like to thank the Public Authority for Social Insurance Organization for hosting us & all participants for their outstanding work and dedication.