Capacity Building of Dannieh Union & Municipalities Graduation Ceremony

The Muhanna Foundation in association with Mercy Corps – Lebanon and funded by the European Union in Lebanon have collaborated on a joint Program entitled: “Capacity Building of Dannieh Union and Municipalities on Management, Administration and the engagement of the Local Community”

The capacity building program aims at building the capacity of Dannieh Union and municipalities as well as Civil Society Activists by enhancing their skills in managerial, administrative and communication knowledge.


We are proud to have witnessed 54 participants from the Dannieh Area complete and graduate from the program.

The Graduation Ceremony took place on July 3, 2017 in Kferchlein Municipality.

The 72 hours of intensive training targeted 54 participants from the Dannieh Area and aimed at building the capacity of Municipal Partners staff and activists by enhancing their managerial, administrative and communication skills. Providing them with all the tools, techniques and know-how needed to develop the municipality and its service to the community.