22-Feb-2014 To 22-Feb-2014       English       Lebanon
Private Universities in Lebanon: Performance Indicators, Accountability and Value-for-Money

Private Universities in Lebanon: Performance Indicators, Accountability and Value-for-Money is a Muhanna Foundation's study addressing in a comprehensive way issues of performance measurement and value-for-money for private universities education in Lebanon. 
This report has a pioneering approach seeking to quantify what private universities in Lebanon do. It is a multi-dimensional effort to measure performance of higher education institutions under existing conditions. In the absence of national frameworks on most matters related to higher education, this study measures gaps and prevailing conditions. Performance indicators constructed and analyzed were built from data from various sources. They pertain to issues related to students, faculty, resources, operating budgets, and financial aid. Data was verified, validated, and compared from various sources for more reliability and accuracy. The study then explored the value-for-money of what private universities offer under such conditions. 
This report does not make a judgment per se, rather asks core questions, provides evidence, and makes initial observation just to stress on the need to further standardize and provide data and information concerning this sector. Nonetheless, this report has a plethora of new data, either never published before, or not synthesized in such a meaningful way. It serves as an initial tool for universities to "locate" themselves in the market. Finally findings can constitute a strong base for a serious and purposeful debate about state and future of higher education in Lebanon. It is our hope that this report can bring momentum to implement some international standards to the national platform of higher education. Further, we hope that this first, much-needed, benchmarking exercise for the sector will pave the way for wider reforms and initiate a culture of transparency and accountability.