The Foundation is supported by six forms of sponsorship. i.e. Muhanna & co. (Actuarial Services) created the Foundation, and has hence acted as its Parent Sponsor. 
External support of the Foundation is derived from five sources: 
1. Professional Donors contribute materials and expertise to the Foundation's overall operations;
2. Donors-at-large (by invitation) is reserved for those who provide extraordinary service and financial support by contributing annually $25,000 and above to the Foundation's overall operations;
3. Corporate Donors are corporations and foundations that make one of more gifts of $5,000 or more;
4. Membership in the Muhanna Foundation Development Circle is available to both institutions and individuals:
Individual - Annual Membership is $250
Institution - Annual Membership is $2,000
5. Project sponsors contribute funds, materials or expertise directly to specific events and programs.
Through selected briefs and our web site, we keep Donors, Members and Sponsors apprised of our internationally acclaimed work. They all also receive invitations to special events organized by The Muhanna Foundation.
For The Muhanna Foundation, the financial support of our members is an invaluable resource. It allows us to pursue what we believe are the critical issues. Only an institution such as The Muhanna Foundation in the Arab World can take on topics ranging from actuarial education, demographic changes and social security reform to strategies in the insurance industry. The financial support of our members makes this work possible. 
Sponsors are listed on all the event's promotional materials and in prominent marketing locations. Sponsors also have the benefit of sending a member of their organization to the event that they are sponsoring (conference, summer session, etc.).
The Foundation events include conferences, seminars, workshops and the Actuarial Diploma Program.